The System

CombiForm is a complete and flexible system for casting of concrete floors. With few components it offers a stable module system to achieve a level and even concrete floor.

It saves you and your customer time, money and it assures a high quality floor.

For the contractor CombiForm means

  • Leave in place screed rail and stopper
  • Form work – allows continuous pouring
  • Dowel bar holder
  • Strong construction joints and/or contraction joints
  • Available in seven heights
  • Superior strength
  • Light weight
  • Stackable – minimize storing needs
  • Suitable for all beddings – inside and outside
  • Crack allocation – controlled crack area from curing to entire lifetime
  • Accurate levelling
  • Flat concrete floor – minimum finishing work
  • Saves on labour
  • Minimizing the need of additional fillers
  • More accurate construction cost calculation
  • Can be used in every temperature condition

For the end user CombiForm means

  • Flat and even concrete floor
  • Ready to use floor
  • Quality guaranteed for years to come
  • No additional cost surprises